Alex Pearson Recovery Fund

Alex Pearson, age 15, is the youngest of six children to Troy and Kathy Pearson from Mount Juliet, TN. His dad, Troy works for The Gideons International headquarters, and his mom, Kathy has primarily worked part time while trying to home school the children. She has worked for Lowes Home Improvement, Hermitage Church of the Nazarene and Tulip Grove Baptist Church.

Born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Alex and his family lived in both Salem and Freeman, SD before moving to Mount Juliet in 2009.

He is a Freshman at Heritage Christian Academy, which is a Home School tutorial program which allows young children and youth a chance to be both “home schooled,” while at the same time, build relationships with kids of their own age, and take a wide variety of classes to grow their learning.

Alex is a budding artist. In September 2014, Alex took an art class in school. Instantly, everyone realized he had a significant amount of giftedness and talent that wasn’t discovered prior. He has created some amazing works of art for such a beginner. Only a couple weeks before his stroke, Alex expressed an interest and desire to use his gift of art to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others.

Alex is also a lover of music and has been working hard to learn and improve his skills playing guitar, bass guitar, ukulele and drum set. Alex has been playing music with his church worship band, his church youth group and the HCA band. He’s also played with a local group of artists from Mount Juliet, TN.

As a charter member of the local Trail Life U.S.A. outdoor adventure club, Alex has served as a leader and enjoys fishing, camping, airsoft, and many other outdoor adventures.

On March 18, 2105, Alex suffered a stroke as the result of a rare, slow leaking brain aneurysm.

Alex has suffered a significant amount of damage to the front left side of his brain.

He will have to re-learn EVERYTHING including basics we all take for granted like moving and controlling eyes, eating, drinking, walking and talking. Not to mention his future music and art.


Alex’s fight for life and plight to make a full recovery has spurred the prayers and interest of thousands of people from around the world. Thanks to Facebook, we’ve been able to keep people up-to-date on his progress. For a young man, who the doctors shared concern that he was brain-dead five days after his stroke, in only nine days was having his Ventilator tube removed. The world celebrated with his family praising God for the miraculous progress being made. However, Alex is now facing a long road of rehabilitation which will create a financial burden on the family.


With over 15 days (and counting) in Intensive Care at Vanderbilt University Medical Center Children’s hospital, and counting, the financial impact will be significant. Beyond that, he’ll have an extended period of time admitted in a rehabilitation facility.

While the family is praying for and believing in miraculous full restoration and healing, the family realizes that the amount of time to get there may be extended. Provisions will more than likely need to be made to the home to allow for the ongoing care of Alex. Additionally, a handicapped equipped vehicle will need to be purchased to transport Alex and his family.

All monies donated will go to the care of Alex. When we come to the point of fully restored health, the medical bills are paid and the dust settles, any money left over will be given to the ministries of The Gideons International and Trail Life U.S.A.


Initial Goal: $20,000 U.S. dollars. God willing, this will cover any and all out-of-pocket expenses not covered by insurance.

Any money left over will be given to the ministries of The Gideons International and Trail Life U.S.A., equally.


If you would like to donate, please visit http://www.donationto.com/Alex-Pearson-Recovery-Fund

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