October 1 Meeting Recap

Good evening troop!
Tonight’s meeting was filled with so much good stuff, I hardly know where to begin! Most of our active members were in attendance tonight, in addition to three families who came for a visit. We welcomed Jackson and Zachary, who were first-time visitors and also welcomed Lucas back as a returning visitor.
Leading in to our attendance to the Civil War Battle of Blountville reenactment, the boys played a game of “telephone”. We demonstrated how easily an idea or concept can be completely altered, even if just a single word is changed. The United States was founded on the principal that every person has a God-given right to freedom and self-determination. That ideal was similarly altered by early Americans who justified slavery as a means of economic gain. We talked about slavery in the Bible and how both Moses and Joseph experienced slavery during their lifetimes.
Troy Pearson and Alex were in attendance at tonight’s meeting. They’re both such a vibrant and essential part of our troop, and it was a blessing to have them with us tonight. Don’t forget the benefit concert being held for Alex one week from tonight, October 8th.
Navigators and Adventurers (middle and high school aged boys) will meet next week Thursday at First Baptist Church at approximately 6pm. Darren Manning and Jeremy Shearer will follow up with parents of that group to coordinate. Woodlands Trail aged boys (grades K-5) will meet at ALC at 7pm for a regular Trail Life meeting.

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