October 22 Meeting Recap

Good evening Troop!

Tonight’s meeting gave us an opportunity to spend some time outside, enjoying what’s left of the warmer temperatures. With Autumn settling in and Halloween just around the corner, there is no better time to play “pumpkin sports”! And in true fall fashion, the boys competed in a winner-take-all relay pitting noses against pumpkins, as Trailmen shunted savory, seasonal foodstuffs across the lawn. And in keeping with a long fall tradition, we had fun bobbing for apples.

We were treated to a modern version of the old TV game show “Liars Club”, where to of our very brave and talented dads described a number of rather obscure items for the boys. The boys had to guess which description of each of the five items was correct, and which one was a bluff. Our Trailmen learned that it can sometimes be very difficult to distinguish between what is actually true, and what sounds logical; though in reality is untruth. Sometimes the untruth can sound very convincing. However, there is only one source of real truth.

And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth. – John 1:14

We were happy to welcome back a number of visiting families, and we’d like extend our invitation to officially sign up. Everything is done online. The process begins with one of the leaders sending an invitation though “Troop Track” with instructions on how to sign up. Please contact any of Chuck Turner, Kevin Mack, Jeremy Shearer, or myself and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Next week’s Woodlands meeting will focus on food (one of my favorite subjects), and making good choices. Also, I have heard rumblings about some kind of very unusual goings on involving “pumpkin pirates”. Perhaps we will learn more at our next meeting…

Coming up, we have an introductory camping weekend planned for November 6-8. The location is still TBA, but I will have more information tomorrow morning. We will either camp at Longhunter in one of the group camps, or on Mr. Mack’s property, which he has graciously agreed to let us use. We’ll also talk about camping basics, and maybe coax the Navigators and Adventurers to talk to us about the do’s and dont’s and their camping victories and defeats.

I’d like to ask the troop to consider reserving the November 19th meeting to have a potluck dinner. This would be a great opportunity to bring the whole family. If your family has a special recipe or a cultural dish you’d like to share, we’d love for you to share it. Polish blood runs thick in my family, and I have Grandma’s hand-written recipe for cheese and kraut pierogies – a favorite in my family.

Walk Worthy!

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