October 8 Meeting Recap

Good morning troop!

I apologize for this update being a little bit later than usual. We had a very busy week starting with the Navigators and Adventurers volunteering at the benefit concert for Alex Pearson. We welcomed the Mason family, who visited our troop Thursday. The Woodlands Trail boys each worked on creating a secret code for the others to decipher. They learned that early Christians faced deadly persecution, and used the “ichthys”, or fish symbol, as a secret code to communicate where worship was being held. When a Christian met a stranger in the road, the Christian sometimes drew one arc of the simple fish outline in the dirt. If the stranger drew the other arc, both believers knew they were in good company.


This weekend’s reenactment in Blountville was a huge success! It started off rainy and muddy, but the weather cleared by Saturday afternoon and we were treated to quite a show with approximately a hundred cavalry, infantry, and artillery actors re-creating the battle that took place what is now part of downtown Blountville. We spoke with a few of the reenactors, and had one “Union” gentleman come to our campsite to demonstrate his replica Enfield rifle. He also gave our boys the opportunity to load and fire the replica. We also met with boys and leaders from another Trail Life troop who had volunteered to assist with parking for the event. Pictures of the event have been posted. I’ll add more as I get them from the others.

Please don’t forget that our meeting this week will be at the Mt. Juliet Putt-Putt. They close at 8pm on Thursday, so we may want to consider meeting at 6:30 rather than 7:00. I will call ahead to confirm they will be open. The games are $6 for a single or 8$ for two.

Also, anybody planning on going on the backpack overnighter this weekend, please bring your backpack (packed) for inspection. Details and permission slips can be found here: https://trooptrack.com/plan/events/304616. There will be no charge for the overnighter, but you will need to bring your own meals.

Thanks, and we will see everybody Thursday!

Walk Worthy!

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