September 24 Meeting Recap

Good morning Troop!

The Woodlands Trail boys had a great time yesterday making poster paint potatoes stamps to spell their names! Thanks to Joe and Anthony for leading the activity while I was working on advancement with the Navigators and Adventurers.

Last night we played the time-honored game, hot-potato, and learned about the “hot potatoes” in our own lives. It’s very natural to say “it’s not my problem!”. We learned that Jesus held on to those hot potatoes and took on those problems. In doing so, he made the ultimate sacrifice for us and our salvation. As Christians, we are challenged with finding issues, both big and small, where we can make a positive and lasting impact.

Don’t forget next week is a Committee planning meeting. Please plan on attending at 6:00 pm as we continue to plot out our program year moving forward.

Also next week we will finalize plans for the Battle of Blountville reenactment. I will have an age-appropriate lesson on slavery and the civil war for our boys, to help them understand the significance of our camping trip.

Thank you and Walk Worthy!

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